Thursday, March 24, 2011

Personal Observations

Each day I continue to read from Wayne Dyers Living the Wisdom of the Tao, yet I have not written in a few days, why????  At first I thought it was because I was so busy, then I thought no one is reading and then I realized... I am doing this for ego, I am writing this to be "followed" ... to be applauded.  This is NOT the way of the Tao...

What has come through loud and clear after only two weeks on this journey is that to live by and through ego is not harmonious with our natural essential state.  It was interesting to me to think, why write because no one is reading and come to terms with that part of myself.  I did not berate her or judge, I simply acknowledged the truth of where I was in that moment.  This journey if nothing else is giving me perspective, to view myself and my decision making processes through the lens of the Tao.

In realizing this and in embracing a conscious choice to move from my higher self and live beyond form as recommended in verse 14, I have decided to shift... I am officially allowing this journey to BE mine.  I do not need readers or followers but rather just a writing space in which to express my thoughts and my take away's as I have them over the remaining 62 days.  I of course am happy if someone is reading this and decides to come along for the ride, but it is now not a pre-requisite.   In fact, i am throwing whatever "rule book" I had out the window. I am giving myself permission to write as the verse's inspire me to do so.  To write, as I feel I have something meaningful or insightful to contribute.

In the beginning I set an expectation on myself based on others, now I free myself of this. I embrace my natural state totally, completely and harmoniously trusting in it's natural essence which emanates from the Tao.

What lies ahead??? We shall see...

Namaste to YOU and Me~

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