Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living Beyond Ego

Verse 7
Heaven is eternal-the earth endures.  Why do heaven and earth last forever?
They do not live for themselves only.  This is the secret of their durability.

For this reason the sage puts himself last and so puts himself last and so ends up ahead. He stays a witness to life, do he endures.

Serve the needs of others, and all your own needs will be fulfilled.
Through selfless action, fulfillment is attained.

Wayne Dyer reminds the reader of this verse to Stop the Chase and Be a Witness. He states," the more you pursue desires, the more they elude you.  Try letting life come to you and begin to notice clues that what you crave is on its way."

Without even reading this verse, I have been practicing this very concept, so today's lesson is a gentle reminder to stay on course with all that I have been practicing... Letting life come to me, detaching from the pursuit of my desire, moving from a level of being of and in service and trusting that the way will be made. I have been clearer than ever on what I want & desire as well as why but in the next breath, I set my intentions free to unfold as they are intended in perfect time.  More often than not, i am cool with the process of trusting and allowing but at first this was my biggest challenge.  I wanted to trust, heck, I even thought I was yet I would find myself compelled to take action to "do my part" in helping my desires along.  If I just "do more" I will produce more of what I want, right?  Wrong... in my futile pursuits, everytime, I actually pushed exactly what I wanted further away because I was not trusting, therefore I was moving from fear. Fear is in direct opposition to trusting. To Trust is to do just that...Trust.  Serve a higher purpose, see where,when, how and in what ways you can be of service and the way will be made to manifesting your desires greater than you could imagine...

Enjoy the journey~

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